01. The bark on that tree is really [rough], but the leaves are very smooth.
02. His hands are really [rough] because he never wears gloves when he is working in the garden.
03. American football is a [rough] sport, and players regularly get injured.
04. It isn't safe to go windsurfing when the sea is [rough].
05. I damaged the tires of my car while driving on a really [rough] road.
06. Her skin gets really [rough] in winter because it gets dried out.
07. It will cost [roughly] one hundred dollars.
08. Seneca once said that it is a [rough] road that leads to the heights of greatness.
09. There is a Thai proverb which states that when you go, the road is [rough], but when you return, it is smooth.
10. [Roughly] a quarter of the world's people live in China.
11. A non-smoker breathing second-hand smoke is exposed to [roughly] 3,700 different chemicals, many of which can be poisonous.
12. Lord Raglan once joked that culture is [roughly] anything we do, and the monkeys don't.
13. Most roads in Swaziland are good, but there are [rough] ones out in the bush.
14. [Roughly] 40 percent of the population of the under-developed world is under 15 years old.
15. The Hindu religion advises that the road to the good is the [roughest] and steepest in the universe.
16. There are about 700 million children in the world today who are of primary school age. Of these, [roughly] 120 million are not in school.
17. Don't be so [rough] with your little sister. You need to be more gentle with her.
18. I lost my job, and then my wife left me. These last couple of months have been really [rough].
19. If you [roughen] up the wood a bit, the paint will cover it better.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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